Selena Jones

Decluttering Coach

When you feel overwhelmed by the stuff in your life, it can feel like it weighs you down. I want to help you develop a skill set that will empower you to conquer the clutter, reclaim your space, and create the kind of feeling you envision for yourself to make your house feel like a home. We are so much more than our stuff.
Let's work together!

What To Expect
~Methods to help you learn to let go
~Actionable steps involving a plan for the space you want to conquer
~Struggling with motivation? We can work on that
~Is it hard to find the energy? I've got some ideas!
~Dealing with overwhelm? I've been there too and I get it.
~You don't have to do it all at once. Let's break it down into manageable steps.
~You get to set the pace

Are you ready to get to work?
$110.00/50 min session
Free 15 min consultation available
Sessions take place over Zoom
Rates in CAD*

About Me
With a background in Psychology focusing on grief and trauma, I bring a unique skillset to the table to help you learn how to deal with your stuff and create an environment you feel safe and good in. I bring compassion and warmth to the decluttering experience and I can't wait to cheer you on and see where the journey takes you!